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ProgRESSVet is an online educational initiative that works to increase the capacity of veterinary services in collaboration with partner countries. 

ProgRESSVet can be adapted to a variety of contexts.  Interested parties should explore the programs highlighted here and can contact [email protected] for more information or to schedule a consultation with CAHFS eLearning leadership.


Since 2016, CAHFS has developed training programs offered around the globe designed to increase the capacity of the veterinary services. The initiative started as Programa Regional de Educación Sistemática de Servicios Veterinarios (ProgRESSVet) in 2016, which was co-created with Centro Buenos Aires para la Capacitación de los Servicios Veterinarios (CEBASEV, now Centro Regional para el Entrenamiento de los Servicios Veterinarios). Initially created for implementation in Latin America, the name of the program was selected because:

  • the combination of languages referenced the integration of the multiple cultures and diversity of key players and participants in the initiative
  • the acronym refers to one of the ultimate goals of the program (to progress veterinary services)

The program is now offered in many countries with the same spirit and intention at its core – CAHFS seeks to work with veterinary services leadership to co-create programs that are responsive to local environments and aligned with national priorities toward progress and improvement of veterinary services.