ProgRESSVet Vietnam

ProgRESSVet-Vietnam is an educational initiative focused on the control and prevention of African swine fever (ASF), developed for the veterinary services of Vietnam with funding from the Swine Health Information Center. 

In 2021 participants from Vietnam’s Department of Animal Health (DAH) completed coursework in the following areas:

  • African Swine Fever Epidemiology and Risk Assessment
  • Biosecurity and ASFv Risk Management in Pig Farms
  • Organization of Control Plans at the Central Level 


In 2022, participants will take methods-focused courses as staff continue advancing their strategies to fight ASF and other animal diseases:

  • Introduction to Spatial Analysis
  • Introduction to Epidemiological Modeling
  • Introduction to ASF Vaccine Evaluation & Post-Vaccination Monitoring


ProgRESSVet is offered via eBooks that allow participants to connect to current online resources, yet also allow for offline study. This approach allows participants to work through topics and themes in a self-paced manner. The eBooks are supplemented with interactive webinars with DAH, CAHFS staff, and global experts presenting and discussing efforts to control ASF.

This program is supported by the Department of Animal Health with funding from USDA FAS.

ProgRESSVet Vietnam will continue in the year 2023 as a combined program with the Philippines and will be referred to as ProgRESSVet Southeast Asia. Anyone who is interested in this program should contact [email protected] for more information.