ProgRESSVet-East Africa

participants smiling in Uganda at the opening workshop

About the program

ProgRESSVet-East Africa is an education and training program for animal health and veterinary professionals in Kenya and Uganda. The program is designed to support participants as they develop the knowledge, skills, and relationships necessary to excel and contribute to economic development through their daily work. 

The goal of ProgRESSVet is to improve local, national, and regional practices for animal health, and promote access to international trade markets for sustained local development. ProgRESSVet-East Africa is supported through a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The program launched in January 2020 with two cohorts, ProgRESSVet-Kenya and ProgRESSVet-Uganda, and more than 70 veterinarians in the region have received training across three cohorts of participants in each country. 

The curriculum in ProgRESSVet-East Africa is aligned with WOAH advanced competencies for veterinary services of quality, and is based upon challenges and gaps determined in the Performance of Veterinary Service (PVS) Pathway analyses from the WOAH. 

ProgRESSVet-East Africa spans the full spectrum of CAHFS's program areas and leverages partnerships from across the U of M College of Veterinary Medicine. Faculty, researchers, residents, and staff work in collaboration to develop online education modules on topics including international policy, disease prevention and control, and certification of animal products. 


ProgRESSVet-East Africa overview (2019)

Program  Reports